Southern Portugal, beaches of Algarve Province


Southern Portugal, the province of Algarve  is an absolutely stunning place!

Due to our car breaking down we were forced to stay at only one beautiful beach near Lisbon for 3 days and then rushed through Algavre province on our way back to Spain…quite a bummer!

We had time to visit the following beaches: Praia do Carvalhal (Carvalhal Beach), Praia de Odeceixe (Odeceixe Beach) and Grutas de Benagil ( Benagil caves). Unfortunately we didn’t manage to take the boat to explore the caves due to the high tide…Instead we hiked on top of the cliffs on the beach that gave us splendid views…

Despite a very short time spent at Algarve we enjoyed every single moment….not to mention that Lia had a blast.

Now we are planning another trip to this beautiful province of Portugal and we will make sure we have enough time to explore all its treasures!

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  1. Algarve is the most picturesque and stunning place in the world. I am amazed of Portugal. Your post really captures the essence of this place!

    1. Bringbabyabroad says:

      Thank you very much! Portugal surprised me a lot and I just cant wait to come back…

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