Midlife retirement in 20 pictures

The book “Midlife retirement” that my husband was working on for the past few years is finally published and you can purchase it on Amazon! Congratulations, Jose deCos!

For those who do not follow our Instagram account yet I compiled 20 pictures that show what midlife retirement looked like for Jose and later for all our family. Hope you enjoy them 😉

Also to better understand what the book is about as well as the reasoning behind writing it Jose gives short answers to these 3 questions.

What is “Midlife retirement” about?

“Midlife retirement” is a complete guide that shows how middle class citizens can take a year or more break from the rat race and enjoy life to its fullest during their 20’s to 40’s.

This is made possible by down shifting your current lifestyle for a period of time and then living abroad during your midlife retirement to stretch your savings to the fullest.

The guide explains how to push back on societal norms, organize your finances, choose the best locations abroad, return to the workforce, the unexpected benefits to your life and career, and everything else involved in making a midlife retirement a reality. There are also answers to any questions or doubts you may have in making midlife retirement possible, as well as addressing all unique personal situations ensuring you can make this dream a reality. From detailed tax information to how to organize your finances to the best places to go abroad based on your personal interests. All this and much more is laid out in a detailed yet easy to follow format.

Avoid regrets later in life now and enjoy your life while you are the youngest and healthiest you will ever be.


How did you come up with the idea of midlife retirement?

In some countries/cultures it is normal to take a gap year to see some of the world between high school and university. While not common in USA I had a gap year where I traveled mostly Eastern Europe and eastern Asia because I didn’t have much money at this point in my life.

From this experience I learned about different cultures, experiences, what it was like to have free time, as well as the extreme differences in prices/costs between countries that often aren’t correlated to the quality of those same products/services/experiences.

Having this knowledge and experiences in the back of my head while working up the corporate ladder for 5 years back in USA I realized that the money I could save in one year working in the USA would allow me to travel 2 years on the budget I did after high school. This combined with my Aunt passing away after 37 years working without reaching retirement I knew I had to do something different with my life. The result was planning, saving, and actually going abroad for a midlife retirement!


What do you try to achieve with this book?

Not having studied writing in school/university I didn’t write this book as an assignment or for income.

Instead I wrote this book to share my experiences and educate others about the possibilities in life they may not realize they have.

Most people get so wrapped up in day to day life they never take a step back and think about their own personal goals and passions. Then before they realize it they are old and retired, often wishing they had done more or different things in their youth. You can ask any elderly person in your life to see that this is true.

Having talked to older family members of mine I realized I need and want to help. Even if too late for those already old, I could help those that are following the same culture/norm of working 40+ years through the best years of your life.

“Midlife retirement” shows everyone how they can take a break from work while still young and healthy to do whatever they enjoy most in life!


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