We are de Cos family


“Is it hard to travel with a baby?”- That’s the question we hear pretty much from everyone we meet on the road.

We would shrug our shoulders and smile.

Is it hard to be a parent? I think most parents would agree that it is harder than not being a parent, however at the same time it is rewarding and fun.

The same goes for traveling. It is a little bit harder but so much more fun!

We are the de Cos family and we love to travel, really really love to travel.

Jose and I, we met in the beautiful desert village of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. We met soon again in Buenos Aires and traveled South America for few months. After that we came together to Finland where I was completing my degree and lived there for 1.5 year. Short trips to Europe, summer road trip around USA ….

We knew we were ready for something long and challenging. The birth of our baby girl didn’t alter our plans; it just brought more joy and excitement.

A trip started with the Trans-Siberian railway to explore as much of Asia as possible. After a year of traveling around SE Asia, Central Asia, Iran and the Caucasus we settled down in Spain for 1 year and that is where our second daughter Ksenia was born.

And now with two kids in tow we have embarked on a new journey to India and Nepal after road tripping Europe for two months.

Some people tell us we can’t or shouldn’t do this while others show us their support and understanding. We hope by telling our story we will inspire more people to bring their babies abroad and enjoy the beauty of traveling as a family.

So who we are? Coron.JPG


My name is Liliia. I am Ukrainian.

Four years of my life I spent studying in Finland, that’s where I had a real chance to taste the beauty of other cultures.

I thank Finland for giving me the opportunity to do my exchange in Chile, the place I met my best friend, my soulmate…my husband Jose Manuel Gutierrez de Cos Mc Neilly.

Jose is American and his long name he owes to his Spanish father and his passion for adventures to his remarkable Grandmother. Jose has visited over 93 countries, and still might not have caught up to his Grandma. I proudly call him a world traveler.

After building a successful career in the corporate world he is now 5 years into a midlife sabbatical. Jose just published his first book “Midlife retirement”“ that is a guide on why and how to go against the cultural norms and enjoy your life while you’re in your middle aged instead of waiting till it might be too late.

We met in traveling, we fell in love in traveling, we knew we are meant for each other thanks to traveling and now we travel as a family with our beautiful daughters and we couldn’t be happier!!


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