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We have been traveling with Lia for 8 months straight and have found an incredible lack of information about traveling with babies; from baby food to sightseeing and activities. We felt like people just don’t travel with their little ones outside of Thailand and Europe. Truth be told we met just a handful of parents who dared to visit other “exotic” or “dangerous” countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia or even Malaysian Borneo.

I guess that all of this pushed us to start writing this blog about traveling with a baby because we have first-hand knowledge and information about all baby related stuff and want to share and hope this info will convince hesitating parents to get on the road.

For the first time we took Lia abroad, she was 6 weeks. When she was 7 weeks we took our first plane to Hungary. After that camping and trekking in Norway, Lia was 2 months old… When she just turned 5 months we embarked our first train in Russia towards the very end of Trans-Siberian railway. After the 20th flight I stopped counting them, what for? Boats, trains, airplanes, kayaking, canoeing, motorbikes, bicycles, elephants, and horses – we did all of it with our little Lia and you know what? It was so much fun!!

We have had baby on board for a few countries in Europe, Russia, most of South-East Asia, Central Asia and now on our way to Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and finally Ukraine. Our big plan for 2017 is a trip to Africa. Check our contact page to see the detailed map of the countries we have visited and are happy to advise about.

This section will be devoted solely to tell our experience with Lia as we travel such as her first illness, vaccines, her loves of traveling, how social experiences and you always being there for your baby can benefit your whole family, going for her first circus in Kazakhstan, and much more.

For country specific information regarding traveling with a baby check the destination pages, each page has a section related to baby things in that country.


Playing with local kids in Cambodia


Camping on one of the little desert island around Palawan


Celebrity status


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